10 Simple and easy SEO writing tips : how to write SEO friendly ?

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How to write SEO friendly is the very important question in 2017 as every website owner or blogger wants the high ranking in Google now. This ranking is not possible without SEO writing or good content. No one can succeed in this field without following some SEO writing tips for SEO friendly content.

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Writing В good В content leads to more shares, tweets in social media networks like Facebook, twitter and sends В good visitors to your site.You can do a little effort to make your content SEO friendly. Writing this content is not the difficult or complex thing. You just have to follow some simple Writing tips forВ SEO friendly content.

Simple and easy SEO writing tips

Writing tips

1.Always think before start writing. You must clearly know what is the message of your writing and what you are going to deliver to your readers through your content.

2.Always write down the В structure of your post. You should start your post with an introduction paragraph to grasp the attention of the readers.

3.Always try to write in the paragraph to make your content easy for your audience.

4.Always use headings to make your content so friendly and attractive for search engines.

Simple Writing tips for SEO friendly content
В How to write SEO friendly

5.Always write useful and engaging content for your readers.

6.Always write short but complete and to the point article.

7.Keep updating your blog or website on regular basis.

8.Choose your keywords wisely and don’t mess your blog post with too many keywords.

Simple Writing tips for SEO friendly content

9.Always optimize В the images in the article for good Search Engine result and ranking as well.

10.Always Proof Read Your content В before Publishing it in your blog or elsewhere.After following these simple writing tips, you can get the attention of good and targetted visitors towards your blog or website. В It is not difficult, only it needs passion, intention, and perfection by the writer.