Easy , simple and quick ways to get 1st in seo Google search ranking

Google search ranking

Here we will tell you some easy, simple and quick ways to get 1st in SEO and on the first page of Google search ranking because everyone wants to have his blog or website on the top Google search ranking. Become 1st in SEOВ with these tips. It is not an easy but you can make it possible by following these steps.


In order to increase the rankings of your blog or website in Google.You need a high-quality blog or website with completely unique content. Give full focus on the uniqueness and quality of the text. It must be unique and with correct spelling and grammar. Never post duplicate content on your site. Always create new and unique content for your blog or website.

1st in SEO

Appropriate images

The selection and usage of quality and appropriate images are also very important for getting good rankings. Google rank always content with matching images.

 Google search ranking

Use best В keywords

If you want to get good ranking in Google then you must always use best and highly ranked keywords. Use these keywords smartly and never overload your text with the keywords. You can also add descriptions for pages and images as well that will help your rankings to grow.

Create quality Backlinks В


Backlinks are the backbone of ranking. You can get backlinks When another blog or website links to your page. You can get backlinks from blog commenting, guest posting, forum posting and from many other ways. Try to get good backlinks from the related sites.

 Google search ranking

Get strong signals from Social media

Google appreciates Facebook and twitter likes and shares in this time more than ever with subjects that are relevant. You should create social media accounts and try to get good likes and shares on your pages.

 Google search ranking

Update your Blog or Website regularly


If you want to get the top rankings in Google search engine then you must regularly update your site. Google always rewards those sites that are being updated regularly. If you will ignore your blog and site for a long time then you cannot get ranking on Top of the Google. You can easily update your site by posting regularly on it.

 Google search ranking
Use Google Trends

You must check regularly the Google trends to know about the latest trends and changes in the topics and niches of the web.After following these steps regularly, you can get on the first page of Google easily.