Google algorithm update 2017 : What steps should we take after this ?

Google algorithm update

If you hear about the Google algorithm update 2017 then don’t worry here are some tips to update accordingly step by step.Most of us want to know aboutВ google algorithm update 2017 . Google updates its search rankings algorithm almost more than 500 times in a year.

Sometimes these are minor changes and sometimes major. The major are like Penguin or Google Panda updates.

What is Google algorithm update?

Most of the peopleВ are often saying, hurry up, Google update has come now we have to face many difficulties, we may have changed our site, it will take so much time and effort.

Google algorithm update

History of Google Algorithm update

Google Algorithm update has a vast history in which all type of changes like search index, updates and refreshes are included. In the year 2016, Google released two updates named as Possum and Penguin 4.0 as well. It has a large history of updates like Pigeon in 2014, Penguin in 2012 and many before.

Google algorithm update

FamousВ Google Algorithm updatesВ

Google Mobile-Friendly Update

Google Panda Update

Google Penguin Update

Google Pigeon Update

Google Payday Update


What to do after Google Algorithm update?

After seeing any update don’t be upset and try to know and understand it properly. After learning you need to make the relevant changes in your website or blog accordingly. These updates impact on black hat SEO or Spamming.

Google Webmaster tools and Blog is a great source for getting the right information about Google updates. If we keep doing the right work and keep following the webmaster then no need to worry about.

Google algorithm update

Google updates are not scary if you are a good webmaster. If you are writing proper SEO content, giving a user-friendly atmosphere at your site. Then you shouldn’t be the worry. On the other hand, you !if you are going on the wrong way and spamming then these updates will be after