What is niche marketing and how to build micro niche sites to make money !

What is niche marketing

What is niche marketing and what are micro niche sites, this is very important to know if you are a website owner. Before going ahead first of all we must understand what is niche and micro niche sites andВ what is niche marketing? We hear about the popularity and success of micro niche sites 2017В so we will also learn about all these topics in this article.В Finally, we will seeВ how to build a micro niche site 2017В to make money as well.

What is niche?В

Niche means relating our content or website to a small number of population, services, interests, topics or company. Like health, fashion, technology, education, insurance,В lifestyle all are niches.

What is niche marketing?

Niche marketing means to promote the specific niche in a specific market that is related to the product.For example, if your niche is health, you will promote your blog in health blogs and groups.So niche marketing means to target a В specific audience.

What is niche marketing

What is Micro Niche?

Micro niches are the sub-topics of your niche. These topics are even more targetted and more specific as well. They are based on very targetted and specific terms likeВ how to acrylic nails removal at home etc.В Micro Niches are topics that are even more targeted.

How to build micro niche site 2017 to make money?

Making a site with niche is very time taking and requires a lot of patience. While building a micro-niche site is much easier and need less patience.

If you have a little know-how of blogging then you can earn a lot of money throughВ different monetizingВ methods.

What is niche marketing

Micro-Niche blogs give you extra money and send targeted traffic to your blog. В These sites make more money with less traffic.

Making money is quite simple from AdSense, Amazon Affiliation program, and many other monetization techniques.

How to make a profitable micro niche website in 2017?

First of all, choose the right and targetted keyword for the domain name.

Then make the strategic for your content for the website.

Then monetizeВ your website

Finally, make money from your site. What is niche marketing Micro Niche sites: The Easiest Way To Make Money Online in 2017

you can simply earn money by making the micro niche sites in 2017. just select the good and profitable blog topics 2017.

Topics for Micro niche sites 2017В

  • 4kВ Movie Review Site

  • LensВ Finder

  • Traveling Cats

  • Video Editing Hardware

  • Tiny Homes

  • Dog Sports Gear

  • Airsoft World

  • online shopping

  • Fashion With a Twist

  • Wall Decorating

  • Makeup To Go

  • Helping Families Divorce Without Hurting the Kids

  • 3d Printing

  • How to Run a Marathon

  • В Smart Watch

  • Baby Photography Props