Make your site mobile friendly as Google is going to give fresher content to mobile users by its new index

giving mobile users better & fresher content

Google has decided to do this in coming months so make your site more mobile friendly as the purpose of this step is to give more fresh , relevant and better content to mobile users .Google the top search engine has one index system for websites , documents, and web pages right now but it wants the sites to be more mobile friendlyВ .

The plan for a new index for mobiles is announced by Gary Illyes , the main person of Google Search Inc and Web Master tools analyst . He added that this separate search engine for mobile will become primary. This will affect the searcher rankings of all websites and pages in order to get good rank in Google mobile index system.

В В В В В В В Make your site mobile friendly

Mobile index system will be also primary that will be utilized by the webmasters or users to search their queries. The mobile index system will give a response to all queries. For desktop , his process will be done by a separate index of a desktop but this will be less up to date than mobiles.