How to write an Article for people and good SEO in 2017?

how to write an article
Writing tips

In this article, we will discuss how to write an Article for good SEO that is a technique to improve our Website or blog visibility and traffic.The result of using this technique is very helpful to bring our site or blog in top rankings in search engines. How to write an Article for SEO,В Article writing is the best way to improve your ranking in search engines if written with proper SEO techniques.How to write article lets know it.

For best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we need to write an article with all techniques. We need to make it attractive and interesting to read.If you write an article in an interesting way with keywords and phrases. This will be the best article for the purpose of SEO. Giving the hyperlinks from external blogs will boost the ranking of your page.

how to write an article

В В В В В В В How to write an ArticleВ

Here are some simple steps to write an article for Search Engine Optimization purpose.

В В В В В В В В В В В В В В Keen research

Keen research is very important before starting any article as if you have a lot of knowledge about the topic you can write an informative and engaging article for visitors. If your article is useful then it will definitely improve your readership. Make it very clear that an article written with good vocabulary will attract more traffic.

how to write an article


В В В В В В В В В В В Use of Keywords

The use of Keywords and phrases is also very important for writing an SEO article. You should make a list of keywords for articles. Keywords mean those words that visitors use to collect the information. By using these keywords, you can boost your ranking in search engines. В While writing makes it sure that you are writing correct and without spelling and grammar mistakes. Always give your article a catchy topic then break it into small paragraphs.

how to write an article
Using the key phrases

Now use the important key phrases in first, middle and last lines of articles. Using a lot of key words will remove the neutrality of your writing.Adding the hyperlinks is another way to improve SEO of your site. Hyperlinks are used to link another web page relevant to the topic of your article but make it sure that hyperlink is giving good and related information to the readers.

how to write an article

Writing Unique content

The best and most important tip to write SEO friendly article in 2017 is to write unique content. If you want to inspire the visitor and search engine then write uniqueВ and fresh.

Building links

Building links to your content are the most important thing for the purpose of SEO. If you have written an excellent article and people don’t read it. In this case, then you cannot get the perfect results. You must tell others that you have written this by sharing a link.You can promote it to your social media network.You can improve the rank of your blog and site by writing an SEO based article.

How to write in 2017?

Always remember.

  • Always write the best and unique content
  • Fresh content
  • write after research
  • use good keywords and phrases
  • Write user-friendly
  • write informative