Facebook is losing his power according to the experts as FB shares rates became low

Facebook shares have peaked as social media has become 'zero sum' game

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media websites but recentlyВ Facebook shares going to be peaked it is because social media is becoming Zero sum according toВ the experts.В According to the fact sheet prepared by thirty-eightВ analysists of Facebook.They have a buy share now that is disappointing .

According to the CNBC PRO, they found in the research of Global Equities that the shares of this social media site have become ‘zero sum’ game.

Facebook shares peaked

Facebook shares have peaked as social media has become 'zero sum' game, says analyst

Social media – ‘zero sum’ game, analyst

The В analyst found that the shares ratio is very disappointing on FB .It shares fell to seven percent .The company has the lower revenue growth rates in this last quarter of 2016. They also told that more investments needed in the coming year. The expert told that being the peak of FB stock and it was the only way to go ahead . Unfortunately, the shares fell as seven percent in this week.The shares peaked due to the saturation in the social media condition and situation.

The expert , Trip Chowdhry expressed this warningВ through В an email to its clients .He added that Social media is now entering to the zero sum in the term of economics. He told that the 3rd quarter of this year keeps the highest importance due to US elections and Olympics 2016 both are going to be held at this time .

“Social media industry is entering the zero-sum economics,” he wrote.

The analyst cited how the third quarter was a “once-in-a-lifetime event” for traffic levels as both the 2016 Olympics and the presidential election campaign were in the same period.