Gomage is a certified Magento extension developer

You can conduct sales from an online store locally, for example, only in your city. Or it is possible - globally, conducting trade throughout the country or even in several countries.

Also we develop extensions for Magento 2 (and install this on websites) which are depending on customer’s tasks.

If you have a large store or want it to grow larger over time, it is important to decide in advance what features your site will have. For successful sales, for example, it is essential that users on the site have a convenient search for goods. In addition, customers love it when products are quickly placed in the cart and can be easily accessed from any page on the site. Magento 2 extensions have improved all that futures for your customer.

What extensions did Gomage develop?

  • To improve trading and increase the position of sites in search engines, Gomage has developed such well-known extensions for Magento as:

  • Light Checkout, which allows you to simplify ordering in your online store. One-click ordering, quick access to your cart, easy viewing of items in your cart, customization of shipping rates and much more - all this is the Gomage LightCheckout extensions for Magento 2.

  • Feed Pro, which allows you to quickly and conveniently upload products to Amazon and eBay. The GoMage Feed Pro for Magento 2 extensions allows you to increase your sales by integrating with such global marketplaces as Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay and many others. This plugin generates a file with information about products, their descriptions and downloads them for sale on the online trading platform of your choice. You save time by automating the process of placing goods.

  • Advanced Navigation, which improves the search for products in the store,makes the search easy and pleasant for the Buyer by improving the filtering of products. Agree, when it's easy to find the right product - it's convenient. And every customer will be pleased to buy on such a site. Advanced Navigation plugin on magento 2 modules dumps search results onto one page, avoiding page reloads.

The use of all these plugins greatly simplifies the work of online store owners. In addition, these extensions for magento 2  improve the site's SEO performance and increase customer loyalty to the business and to the brand.

Buyers and search engines will love your store. After all, it is so simple, convenient and fast!