7 (not) SEO hacks on how to make Google search love your Twitter page


Do you know that Google robots index and rank Twitter profiles of brands as regular web pages? Type in a couple of famous company names in the search bar to make sure of this! Usually, social profiles follow brand websites on the results page.

Some lucky brands like Sephora get an advantage. Their name searches invoke the featured tweet carousel.


Turns out your brand Twitter profile can show up on page one of SERP, too. All you need to succeed is a little SEO magic!

  1. Optimize your bio

In SEO, it all starts with titles and descriptions. So, imagine your Twitter bio is the home page of your website.

Let’s start with your user name and social handle. Using the same handle through all social platforms increases your chances of being found by Google robots and customers. By the way, avoid numbers in your name and handle because they look spammy to Google.

Then, describe what your profile is about adding hashtags and keywords. Place a link to your website and specify your location.

Also, you can mention in the bio other Twitter accounts to introduce the community around your brand on Twitter. 

  1. Use relevant keywords 

To increase the chance of your account being shown up in the Google search, you need to pepper your tweets with keywords. You can pick the essential ones from the semantic core of your website.

By the way, on Twitter, you have a big advantage — hashtags! Turn them into keywords, too. The optimal hashtag number is three per tweet. You can place them at the end of your post, explaining its topic or highlighting your participation in a viral social challenge or popular motion. 

Using keywords is an answer to the question of how to get more Twitter followers as well. It helps users to find your content on the platform. If your information is relevant and interesting for them, you will see audience growth soon.

To track your hashtag performance, you can use top twitter analysis tools. 

  1. Improve your profile photo

Search robots can’t read your picture correctly if it has no relevant name. For instance, an image file named “Nike_logo” is related by meaning to Nike’s web and social pages. A file named “23_new” does not have a clear meaning for Google robots.

So, before you upload a profile photo, change its name using your brand name and keywords associated with your company. You can use underscores or dashes for separating words. For example, “192_New Your book store_logo”, “Lovely bridal_bridal shop in Dallas_logo”, and the like.

The optimal size of a Twitter profile photo is 200 by 200 pixels. Pictures of this size load quickly on the page.

  1. Link your Twitter page with website

Link building is an important part of SEO. Adding a link to your website or landing page in your Twitter profile is not only a link building tip but also a strong call to action for your followers.

By the way, link tools like Linktree enable you to pack several links in one. It’s a good hack if your brand has more than one web page.

To optimize your Twitter page, add a link to it on your website. Google robots can see this connection, and your social profile will give its credibility.

  1. Retweet relevant posts of other accounts

Tweets associated with your topic are kind of guest posts on your social page. You can use quote tweets to describe why this information is worthy of attention and, of course, add some keywords for Google there.

On Twitter, you can feel free to ask people for retweets of your posts. It is a very cheap and quick way to boost your reach.

  1. Be friendly with Google services for business

Google will appreciate every attempt you make to do something with its business tools. As a result, one day, your Twitter profile will appear in a knowledge panel with other information about your brand.  



To bring this day closer, add your company to Google My Business, sign up for Search Console, and add a markup code to your website. If Google verifies your page, you will be able to edit information in your knowledge panel, including which social pages are visible on SERP.

  1. Create a good content

Now, let's go back to the tweet carousel. Google robots always spot helpful and popular pieces of information. To grab their attention your Twitter page has to be packed with interesting topics, hot discussions, and active followers.

Here are what you need to do:

  • increase the number of followers to 100;
  • tweet regularly and often;
  • engage with other Twitter users;
  • raise your engagement level earning as many as possible likes, comments, and retweets;
  • be actual choosing hashtags and topics of your tweets (give preference to popular events, breaking news, and growing trends);
  • entertain your followers with memes, comics, viral challenges, and quizzes;
  • use emojis in your tweets. 

However, you need to use practices that work for your case. That is why Twitter campaign analysis is a necessary condition of successful social media management.